We present to you, the Kahani Collection

… a South Asian couture and bridal collection for the modern woman. Kahani translates to ‘story’ in English, and through this collection, we tell the beautifully complicated, confident and fearless, yet vulnerable and naïve inner story of the NAVEDA COUTURE woman. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed with this concept in mind, and in fact many of the pieces share the namesakes of legendary folklore heroines. After all, we are all heroines in the story that is our life.

Each piece in the collection can be modified or customized as per client preferences, or made-to-measure as is. Please contact our team at naveda@navedacouture.com for inquiries on any style within the Collection and related pricing.

A special thank you to the ALL female, ALL South Asian team that worked endless hours to bring these pieces to life through the imagery that stands here.

Our team:

Wardrobe design + styling: NAVEDA COUTURE

Photography + Art Direction: Pooja Rudra, PR Photography

Hair + Makeup: Jasmin Rahman, Jasmin Rahman Artistry

Jewelry: Reemat Designs

Models: Smita Das, Sheena Pradhan, Amy Devan