Our Designer

The NAVEDA woman is some of who I am, and a lot of who I strive to be. She is free-spirited, yet focused, feminine without being girly, and is always ultra-chic, yet balanced with a bit of edge. The way she dresses, her personality, her lifestyle and even the way she decorates her personal space have an exotic-meets-luxury sensibility to them.

The aesthetic of NAVEDA is inspired by my experiences, travels, curiosity and wanting to make an effortless, yet luxe statement. Whether through the use of glamorous embellishments, rich textures, beadwork, woven metals, or simply through silhouette and fabrication, I believe design should create a sense of escape. Such intricacies and craftsmanship teach stories about culture and society; and the idea is to create pieces that blur these seemingly defined lines, making parallels between eclecticism and modern fashion.

Designer / Creative Director
pret-a-porter & bespoke

More about Amy Devan

After completing her MBA in 2006, Amy Devan went on to work in marketing and business development among various industries. Though grateful for every professional path crossed, she had always been a creative spirit and ultimately decided to follow her childhood dream of design. One day, feeling overwhelmed by this unshakable passion, she left all things known to her, packed up her belongings and booked an exotic trip, half-way across the world to India – all to study the craftsmanship of her roots. Upon returning, and feeling more inspired than ever before, she moved to New York City to attend Parsons – The New School for Design. From that point, Naveda™ was born and the rest is history!